Small group coaching to grow your capacity to disciple others.

Discipleship Coaching introduces the vehicle of the Huddle as a way to invest in and grow disciples. Each huddle consists of four to six participants that meet via video conference. Each session consists of accountability, content delivery, processing and sharing, and homework. Huddles typically last 60 – 75 minutes.

Each Discipleship Coaching Huddle is a one-year commitment. The cost of a going through the process is $500 for the entire year, which can be paid all at once or monthly. The prices includes the Discipleship Coaching experience, plus books and shipping.

Year 1 Huddle

A Year 1 Huddle lays the foundational groundwork for being and making disciples.

Network Huddle

A Network Huddle builds upon the foundation of a Year 1 Huddle, investing character and competency on a perpetual basis. Network Huddles have no start date and individuals can join at any point in time.

Hearing God Huddle

A Hearing God Huddle helps individuals grow in their ability to hear God for themselves and for others.

Meets: Weekly

Content Covered:

  • Covenant
  • Kingdom
  • Fruitfulness and Rest
  • How to Process What God is Saying
  • Discipleship Process
  • A Balanced Life
  • Gifting
  • Prayer
  • Evangelism

Meets: Bi-Weekly

Sample of Content Covered:

  • Spiritual Parenting
  • Predictable Patterns
  • Missional Purpose
  • Leadership Pipelines
  • Movements
  • Holy Spirit

Meets: Bi-Weekly

Content Covered:

  • Covenant and Identity
  • Tuning In to God
  • Blocks, Fears, and Filters
  • Revelation
  • Weighing and Discerning
  • Multiplication