National Bible Quizzing

2021 National Bible Quizzing: July 29-31, 2021


The purpose of Bible quizzing is to aid youth in securing the Scriptures in their hearts and minds for quick and ready reference in time of decision and need. Also, it educates them so they will have a foundation for their beliefs, making them knowledgeable and devoted leaders of our churches in the years to come by:
    • Encouraging by systematic study, and in-depth understanding of God’s Word.
    • Teaching youth to make daily application of the Word.
    • Motivating youth to memorize the Word.
    • Cultivating through competition, a proper attitude toward winning and losing.
    • Teaching you to reflect the Spirit of Christ in attitude and action.
    • Providing through travel and competition, opportunities to expand Christian friendship among other youth.
    • Providing an opportunity for service and discipleship to take place among youth.

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