Vision Framing

The Vision Framing Process is designed to help your church discover your unique IDENTITY and DIRECTION.

The journey is built around a collaborative-vision-crafting enviornment through which the church’s vision is assessed and articulated through the 5 Irreiducible Questions of Leadership. Through the process, the Navigator facilitates a team-building and coaching dynamic to help the team align around vision and implementation. The process consists of ten onsite visits in an approximate nine-month window.

Your Church’s Vision Frame

It is from the Vision Frame that your leadership will have the confidence that there is no better way to articulate the IDENTITY of the church. The following list outlines the specific components that will be developed as your church’s Vision Frame: MISSION, VALUES, STRATEGY, AND MISSION MEASURES.

Your Church’s Horizon Storyline

It is from the Horizon Storyline that a clear picture of the church’s future and DIRECTION is developed. Utilizing the Horizon Storyline as vision planning tool the church’s long-range and short-range vision is built out. The Horizon Storyline is a powerful planning method that will bring energy and focus to the church.